Starburst Popcorn Party Recipe

Starburst Candy Popcorn

We recently combined two of our favorite movie theater treats into one delicious combo, Starburst Candy Popcorn! That’s right, all of the tasty goodness of Starburst drizzled over crunch popcorn. YUM!! Everyone loves popcorn, right?  It is the universal snack!  Movie theater popcorn is absolutely heavenly…especially with extra butter!  And who doesn’t remember the jello […] Read more…

Minions Party Popcorn - Fun Minions Party idea.

Minions Party Popcorn

Feast your eyes on this delicious Minion Party Popcorn. Everybody loves the Minions! What is not to like about those cute, tiny creatures? They are a bit mischievous, but that adds to the cuteness, right?  Okay, sometimes it adds to the cuteness! I am sure they have been the inspiration behind thousands of birthday parties […] Read more…

Candy Coated Popcorn Recipe - Rainbow Popcorn for Kids

Candy Coated Popcorn

Who doesn’t love Candy Coated Popcorn? It is a universal favorite. Popcorn with traditional butter and salt is great. It’s nice with Caramel or cheddar. We even love it with marshmallows, but candy coated popcorn is one of our absolute favorites. Just ask a kid. The more colorful it is, the better it tastes! Do […] Read more…