Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas

Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas

Sometimes we need a quick breakfast on the run, and we love these Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas. They capture the fun of personal pizzas, but on a first thing in the morning level. My children are big bagel fans. Of course they prefer the fruit bagels with flavored cream cheese. Blueberry bagels and strawberry cream […] Read more…

Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizzas - Fast, healthy weeknight dinner.

Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizza

These Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizzas could save your sanity on a busy weeknight. They are super simple to make, fast to cook, and they are quite tasty. They would also be a huge hit at a kids party as a activity that doubles as the food. We have a dreaded night each week where […] Read more…