Fast and Easy Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizzas for kids.

These Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizzas could save your sanity on a busy weeknight. They are super simple to make, fast to cook, and they are quite tasty. They would also be a huge hit at a kids party as a activity that doubles as the food.

We have a dreaded night each week where everyone seems to have something going on back to back, or even overlapping. I spend several hours after school taxiing the kids to practice, dance and gymnastics. By the time we eventually get home, we are all starving, and there is no time to cook.

This past week, on our crazy night, we tried out these pita bread crust personal pizzas. They were a lifesaver. I gave the children each a pita bread, and opened a jar of sauce for them to share. They passed the jar along, spooning out sauce for their pizzas as it went down the line. The spread the sauce with the back of their spoon, and then they were ready for the cheese.

Pita Bread Personal Pizzas - Fast and easy dinner idea kids love.

A bag of mozzarella went around next. Each child grabbed a handful to sprinkle on their crust as it went by.

After that came the veggies. I have discovered over the years that my kids are much more likely to eat vegetables if they get to pick ones they like, and if they cook with them themselves. Pizza is a great way to sneak in some veggies, and I had a few options chopped and ready for them to choose from.

In this case, the kids could pick from spinach, red bell peppers, and olives (I know. Not really a vegetable, but I let them count it for this time.) They each picked their favorite, and most of them chose spinach. There are so many other fun options you could include here. Fresh tomatoes, cut corn, mushrooms, squash, and herbs would all have been great choices. You don’t need them all. Just use whatever you have on hand.

Easy Personal Pizzas for kids with pita bread crust.

I also let them choose from two different meat options. Most of them prefer pepperoni on their pizza, but a couple of them chose lean ground beef.

It was fun to see all of the different combinations. Everyone’s pizza looked different, and they were all proud of their creations.

Easy Pita Bread Crust Personal Pizzas - Fast, easy and fun.

We baked the pizzas on a baking sheet in a preheated oven at 425 degrees. They cooked and were ready to eat in 10 minutes.

They turned out delicious! The kids scarfed them up, and I didn’t hear a single complaint about veggies. Tip: If you want a crispier crust you may want to bake┬áthem directly on the rack with nothing underneath. I didn’t want the toppings to leak, so I opted for the baking sheet.

Fast Personal Pizza's made with a pita bread crust.

I love how versatile these pita bread crust personal pizzas are. The topping combinations are endless, and can come from whatever you have in the refrigerator. They are perfect for a busy weeknight or would be popular as a kid’s party activity as well. Tell us how you make yours, and what toppings are your favorites in a comment below, and enjoy your night.

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