Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas - Great breakfast for kids.Sometimes we need a quick breakfast on the run, and we love these Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas. They capture the fun of personal pizzas, but on a first thing in the morning level.

My children are big bagel fans. Of course they prefer the fruit bagels with flavored cream cheese. Blueberry bagels and strawberry cream cheese are their top choice. Unfortunately there is a lot of sugar in that combo, and that’s not really how we want to start our day.

These bagel pizzas are a fantastic, low sugar substitute.

Whole Wheat Bagels for a Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizza

I start with a good wheat bagel. We try to go whole wheat whenever we can. It’s a small change to improve my family’s nutrition, and my kids rarely notice. I used a plain whipped cream cheese. I like the texture of the whipped. It spread so much easier than regular cream cheese, and it held the fruit on well.

Next it was time to fruit up. I pulled some fruit out of the fridge and chopped it up. We had strawberries and kiwi that were begging to be eaten. The colors were beautiful, and we couldn’t wait to dig in.

Strawberries and Kiwi for a Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizza

My kids each picked out a bagel, and spread the cream cheese. Some of them went a bit thicker than others, but that’s okay. Then, they picked out an assortment of fruit and arranged it on their bagels. They had the best time designing and comparing their creations.

Easy Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas - Great for kids.

This was such a filling, and nutritious breakfast. The fruit gave it a touch of sweetness, but not too much. The children were excited to eat it, because they were the chefs. It was also easy to pull out and put together.

If it didn’t work out in the morning, these breakfast bagel fruit pizzas would make a great lunch as well. Just add a side of those yummy veggies and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

Breakfast Bagel Fruit Pizzas

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